The Keystone

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The Event

In the final months of the project, we will stage an event that will bring together the public with digital visionaries, creators, entrepreneurs, and scholars. It is an event explicitly addressing a non-academic audience and focussing on public outreach. 

For our team, it is an occasion to present what the project has achieved on its path, and to shape visions for the future in dialogue.

(main event financed through the project’s core budget)

Perfect example of an artifact, which gave scientists a hint to the Sami culture of scandinavia. This could've been destroyed by the wood-industry without even noticing it.

The Venue

The Dome of Visions is located in the heart of Gothenburg’s Lindholmen Science Park. It is scheduled to (re-)open in mid-2022 as an open hub for dialogues about digital innovation, sustainable development, and the relationships between society and the environment.

At the same time, The Dome is designed as a cutting-edge stage for 3D/VR-performances. 

Collaborating with creatives and leading players in Gothenburg, ‚Reaching for Atlantis‘ will become part in shaping the vision of public engagement and academic outreach in the 21st century.

Artistic Performance

The core strength of ‚Reaching for Atlantis‘ lies in connecting spheres that rarely meet. It is one of our declared goal to strengthen the bond between artists and academics.

As part of this event, one of Germany’s leading 3D-artist will bring objects and places from the Atlantica’s universe to life under the eyes of a live audience.



Tobias Wüstefeld, 3D-Artist