Frozen Atlantis

Our Partner Institutions


Our project(s) enjoy the great privilege to be supported by the VolkswagenFoundation, the largest private funder of research in Germany (no ties with the car company, by the way). 

The Freigeist-scheme (‚free spirit‘) offered by the foundation allows us to leave behind disciplines, creating something that has the potential to change the academic landscape and how we think and practice interaction between the university and the public.

Apart from the time and funds necessary for this and an unusual flexibility, the enormous trust invested in us is one of the many reasons why we cannot think of a better partner for our project.

Universität Hamburg

As a project with an orientation towards the north, we have chosen Hamburg University as our academic base. 

Since summer 2021, we are at home in the young and vibrant field of Public History

In this we have found an inspiring surrounding for what we identified as our core mission: exploring new ways of communicating our research with a wide audience outside the university.


HDK Valand, Gothenburg

HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design is one of Sweden’s creative hubs, engaging in research and education in design, film, photography, art and literature. 

Together with our partners at HDK-Valand, we bring together different players from Gothenburg’s vibrant creative scene to explore new perspectives on digital storytelling and Extended Reality. 

This way, we strive to transfer stories of human-nature relationships and environmental change into public experiences.


Mittuniversitetet, Östersund

We are delighted to count Mittuniversitetet among our local partners.

Situated in the stunning surrounding of Jämtland, Mittuniversitetet is running a degree courses in Tourism Sciences. 

Together with the European Tourism Research Center (ETOUR), we are exploring new ways to bring together the outdoors and the lecture hall, inspiring students as well as the general public to go actively back and forth between these worlds.

Nationalmuseum Jamtli, Östersund

Nationalmuseum Jamtli is an award-winning institution in the geographical heart of Sweden, counting more than 200.000 visitors per year. 

We are thrilled about the prospect to produce a photographic exhibition together based on the material from our expeditions.

At a central hub of culture and research in Sweden, we will organise events to lead the public into the stunning stories behind landscapes.


Undantaget, Östersund

Creative partners are key in our mission to communicate to the public. 

We are therefore delighted to work with Martin Johansson and Jonna Hylén, founders of the theater company Undantaget

Undantaget is a non-profit organisation that commits to creating art on scene for and together with people in the Jämtland-Härjedalen region.

Together with their team, we will embark on the exciting process to produce a theater piece for children, inspired by our expeditions into the landscapes on our horizon and the stories behind.