Active outreach

Public interaction

The Theater

To reach the generation affected most by climate change, we will collaborate with the theater groups Undantaget and Nordcirkus to produce a play addressing children from 10 to 12.

We are proud to take part as scientific counsellors in a creative process among a team of experienced dramaturgists, actors and artists. Working together, we will bring key episodes from our expeditions about myth and man-made change to stage in a captivating storytelling performance.

To reach beyond a local audience, we will have the actors also speak selected episodes on different locations (e.g. outdoors). Video clips from these performances will be subtitled, cut and integrated into The Storyverse.

Our project co-finances the production and the international transfer of this outreach prototype we create. The larger part of the production (ca. 75%) will be financed through communal and regional funding (application through Undantaget). The piece itself will be licence-free.

With the help of the Skapande Skola framework (application in 2023), the play can later become the basis for workshops involving and inspiring children to engage more deeply with the ideas presented on stage.



Key collaborator

Martin Johansson, director and co-founder of Undantaget

Undantaget is the leading theater company in the Jämtland-Härjedalen region. Photograph from a recent stage production.

Scene from Peterson-Berger's opera Arnljot, staged outdoors annually with the Oviksfjällen in sight.

The Museum

At the Nationalmuseum Jamtli in Östersund, we will carry out a photographic exhibition.

Combining material from our expeditions with historic illustrations from Rudbeck’s Atlantica, we will lead visual ways into the stories written from objects and landscapes.

The photographs and exhibition concept produced for this purpose may travel to other venues, too. After the exhibition, individual pieces will be donated and/or offered to collaborators / funders of the project for permanent display.

For the exhibition we will produce a highly illustrated photobook, serving both as a catalogue and a documentation of the project’s own journey.



Key collaborator:

Olov Amelin, Director of Jamtli


Photographic exhibition in a public section of Nationalmuseum Jamtli.

THE Outdoors

One of the many wonders of the Atlantica lies in the views it opens up on the worlds around us.

With our partners we shape formats that allow the public to participate in outdoor activities that are also a journey into history.

From the stories Rudbeck connected to Swedish nature, we select the best and make them accessible to the public. With the help of storytelling on site, we take them on in-depth intellectual voyage.  


Key collaborator:

Robert Petersson, Docent in Tourism Science at Mittuniversitet, Östersund.

Outdoor guide explaining landscape features to a group of hikers.

Public Talks

As a central part of our science communication, our project takes initiative to organise talks and be present in public debates.

Building bridges, we open up dialogues between the public, our collaborators and inspiring speakers.

Such events will include participation in lecture series of museums, panel discussions we organise with glaciologists, artists and nature writers, or members of indigenous communities whose traditions and culture are strongly affected by global change.

Artistic Performances on Site

Unusual times require unusual means.

‚Frozen Atlantis‘ collaborates with artists to stage performances on site that draw attention to man-made change impacting sites charged with ancient stories, thus losing their connection with millennia-old myths.  

Think ice sculptures of mythically charged landscapes and objects that we exhibit in winter time and whose melting we document in time-lapse videos. 

Or think of an event inspired by the ceremony Andri Magnason conducted with the Icelandic parliament on Okjökull, bringing artists, scientists and officials together on the disappearing Helags Glacier, the peak that Rudbeck once fashioned as throne of the Muses.

Orchestrated with media representatives and open to the public, such performances will increase awareness for global change witnessed at our doorsteps.

Snow sculpture of a dragon boat. Imagine a similar sculpture of Noah's ark on År(k)eskutan in Jämtland – the peak that Rudbeck considered among the contenders of the place where the ark stranded after the flood – in times of sea levels rising again.

Attempts of activists trying to slow down the melting of Helags glacier with sheets of white canvas.


Our project is dedicated to crossing borders and opening different views on the world around us.

Using art and initiatives of inclusion, we allow an even wider range of people to participate in our public outreach events, and make their way of seeing the world part of our story.

Think of a tour that accompanies people whose eyesight is impaired (e.g. Stargard’s disease) into the Fjäll. Inspired by verbal descriptions of their sensual impressions, an artist makes visible how they perceive the place. A seeing nature writer in turn verbalises his/her view of the same place into words for those with visual impairments.

These forms of art will feed into a homepage optimised for maximum accessibility. This way bring a multitude of sensual perceptions of historic sites together.

For this part of our outreach strategy we are applying for additional funds from the Allmänna Arvsfonden.

Social Media Community

Social Media is firmly integrated into our outreach strategy.

On Instagram, we are building up a community to reach outdoor and history lovers alike. 

Through this channel, we will write regularly about stories behind objects and landscapes, and will offer coverage of our future events. 

Insta-Stories will allow our followers to participate live in the expeditions we plan and peek behind the scenes of our project.

With the help of polls for stories we should pursue and similar tools, we make our project even more of a participatory experience for our community.

Follow our first steps already now on @frozen_atlantis!