Looking back is Looking Forward


The Keystone Event

In the final months of the project, we will stage an event that will bring together the public with digital visionaries, creators, entrepreneurs, and scholars. It is an event explicitly addressing a non-academic audience and focussing on public outreach. 

For our team, it is an occasion to present what the project has achieved on its path, and to shape visions for the future in dialogue with the public. 


The Venue

The Dome of Visions is a cutting-edge stage for 3D/VR-performances. 

Collaborating with leading institutions from Gothenburg and major players in the creative field, our project will become part in shaping the vision of public engagement and academic outreach in the 21st century.

In a hyper-modern surrounding we will engage with the public in academic and artistic performances, presenting what we have collected and created as a project on our paths – 3D-worlds, photographic artworks, stunning film material, soundtracks, or tangible pieces of art. Livestreams will allow an online audience to participate in a wide number of experiences. 


Key collaborator: 

Tyrone Martinsson, HDK Valand

The Dome of Visions is located in the heart of Gothenburg's Lindholmen Science Park. It is scheduled to (re-)open in mid-2022 as an open hub for dialogues about digital innovation, sustainable development, and the relationships between society and the environment.

Artistic Performance

Collaborating with leading artists is one of our ways to bridge between the university and the public sphere.

As part of our event, one of Germany’s most renowned 3D-artists will bring objects and places we made part of our The Storyverse to life under the eyes of a live audience.



Tobias Wüstefeld, 3D-Artist

Example of a live-3D-performance by artist Tobias Wüstefeld.

'Reaching for Atlantis' – The Notebook

Collecting the dots comes before connecting them.

Our notebooks are seedbeds for everything that created resonance on our journey, and from which larger things have grown. As such, they feature as a key element in stories from the universe we make accessible.

Inspired by the facsimile notebook produced after the movie ‚Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade‘, we will work together with book artists to create a unique artefact from the thousands of pages we filled. 

The result will be a book that tells a personal story of encounters, dead-ends and detours. A book that is itself a treasure map, answering to the quests that call us from ancient books, antiquities and artefacts. A book that retraces a fascinating journey through the worlds of Olof Rudbeck’s Atlantica

The book will be made available as a unique artwork to be exhibited as well as in a digital version presented online (in extracts).


Video abspielen

top video: artwork created after the notebook featuring in the story of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989).
bottom video: selections of notebook pages with Sámi drums and mountain panoramas from Rudbeck's Atlantica that may inspire a similar artwork.