Stories for all ages and senses

Media Production

Childrens' book

How can we convey a stories of good neighbourhood of all life on earth to the youngest generation?

To this aim we make the oldest living tree (Fulufjället, Northern Dalarna) the protagonist for a childrens‘ book.

In a beautifully illustrated narrative, ‚Old Tjikko‘ relates the wisdom and change it has seen throughout a life spanning 9500 years.

Delve into stories told by a living being that has witnessed the last Ice Age, that saw plants and trees arriving in the valleys as the ice receded, heard the myths the first people connected to this world, saw the arrival of the 1675 expedition of Rudbeck’s myth-hunters as well as the first loggers, and experienced its ancient roots sprout anew as global warming continues!


Collaborator: Andreas Klammt (illustrator)

'Old Tjikko', the oldest living tree in the world (Fulufjället, Northern Dalarna). Photograph by Bernhard Schirg (2021).

Twigs of conifers Rudbeck printed as contenders for the tree growing on the true slopes of antiquity's Mount Atlas (located, of course, in Sweden). From Rudbeck, Atlantica, vol. 3 (1698).

VisuaL Material

Professionally produced visual media are essential to the stories we will place in ‚The Storyverse‘ and key to effective communication.

We cooperate with a team of experienced cutters, animators and cinematographers in post-producing the material resulting from expeditions, interviews and our public engagement.

This ensures highest standards for video clips and animations implemented into ‚The Storyverse‘ and our other project platforms.




Martin Olson (OutdoorSWE)


Arctic 12 – The latest project of our collaborator Martin Olson.


Sound is key to make visual media such as animations and video as well as public performances an emotional experience.

Collaborating with professionals, we embark on the creative process to produce tailor-made soundtracks for our episodes and events.

At the end stands a soundtrack of ‚Frozen Atlantis‘ that brings together musical impressions from different aspects of the project.


Opening theme for Episode One – The Stone in the Green Valley. The melody revisits a 500-year old tune connected to the stone on the Norwegian border that was first depicted in Rudbeck’s Atlantica.

Courtesy of Thomas von Wachenfeldt.



Thomas von Wachenfeld (musicologist, soundtrack-designer, lecturer at Dalarna University, and producer of the Edda-podcast)

Cover of the most recent publication by Thomas von Wachenfeldt – two volumes of narrated myth that inspired a soundtrack of their own.


How can we connect landscapes with the myth behind and visualise their change across time?

Teaming up with skilled glaciologists, we produce a digital model of Sweden’s southernmost glacier (see The Throne Deserted‘ in Our Expeditions) that Rudbeck had declared the throne of the Muses – the inspiring forces behind all myth and literature.

The model will take a prominent place at the center of an episode of The Storyverse we build.

With the help of this cutting-edge representation, we make a fragile part of our environment and its change visible. Through tooltips, the model will open up a way into the stories we reveal behind the visible ice.

This way, we communicate what is being lost beyond frozen water, making an imminent loss emotionally tangible.

From the data collected on site, we produce 3D-prints and small artworks emblematising change – give-aways we can use at public talks and performances we plan on site.



Example of a 3D-animation of Mikka Glacier in Sarek.