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The Stone in the Green Valley

sten2 stone

The so-called 'Stone in the Green Valley', located near the Norwegian border in Jämtland (Skurdalsportan).
Left: Historic illustration from Rudbeck, Atlantica, vol. of plates.
Right: The 'Stone in the Green Valley'.
Photography by Bernhard Schirg (autumn 2020).

The Storyverse – Episode One

          There is a poem on a stone
          Between Norway and Jämteland
          written in a runic script …

An ancient song tells of a ‚Stone in the Green Valley‘ located on the Norwegian border. Its inscription, so the song relates, speaks of an old prophecy: 

When this stone collapses, society as we know it will come to an end, affecting rich and poor alike.



Opening theme for Episode One, inspired by the 500-year old melody. Courtesy of Thomas von Wachenfeldt.


The first drawing of the prophetic stone stems from an expedition Rudbeck sent to Jämtland in 1675. It was printed in the Atlantica four years later, next to tables of Phoenician and runic alphabets. 

Rudbeck died before he published a reading of the stone he first depicted. Ever since, it has remained an enigma that inspired many interpretations: Writings in an unknown alphabet, a map, a milestone or signs by pilgrims – or simply random geological cracks.

In March 2022, we revisited the Stone in the Green Valley with a camera team to begin filming Episode One – the framing story for our Storyverse.

Let the journey into the world of the Atlantica begin!