Redefining online Storytelling


Mapping MYth

In 1679, Rudbeck’s Atlantica put hundreds of places from ancient mythology on the map of Scandinavia – literally. 

At that time, a printed book comprising thousands of pages and hundreds of illustrations was the most advanced medial way to link objects and places with the myths behind – a wunderkammer kind of world accessible only to a small elite of literate scholars.

What if we went new ways to take the most fascinating of these stories and translate them into an immersive experience for a wide audience?

This is what ‚The Storyverse‘ is about.


The map of Sweden on which Rudbeck placed hundreds of place names from classical mythology. From Rudbeck, Atlantica, vol. of plates.


Collaborating with leading media agencies, we will translate Rudbeck’s mythical landscape into the visual possibilities of the 21st century. 

The result will be an ever-growing treasure map containing stories presented in various medial forms – a virtual world you can explore intuitively. 

Discover video episodes, animations and much more as you freely explore this landscape, delving into a world that is hyperlinked with the material on our other project websites. 

Lutz from Team 'Frozen Atlantis' introducing a (very) early draft of the Storyverse. Courtesy of Tobias Wüstefeld.

Virtual reality

Visionary goals require strong partnership. 

As we develop and expand ‚The Storyverse‘, we deepen collaboration with Valand Akademi for Art and Design and the Visual Arena at Gothenburg in a workshop that brings together developers, designers, and academics.

In exchange with these vibrant digital hubs, we already prepare the next step that will conclude our project: translating our stories into a Virtual Reality experience to be enjoyed by the entire public. 


Key collaborator

Tyrone Martinsson, HDK Valand

Woman engaging in a VR experience at the Visual Arena.