At Reaching for Atlantis, we believe that an academic monograph is not the ideal way of presenting results. In a trias of movie, book, and artwork we produce entry points that communicate what we have done and what inspired us. These will provide points of departure for new exciting collaborations.


In the form of a coffee-table book. Stressing the strongly visual dimension.


From the visual material gathered throughout the journey, we will produce a feature film (20–25min). 

The movie will introduce to the captivating story of Rudbeck’s Atlantica, will tell of our encounters with books, objects and landscapes on its traces, and visualise the work in a 21st-century public history project.

Collaborators: to be defined

ARTWORK - The NOtebook

Together with book artists, we will create an notebook from the dozens of notebooks that retrace our own journeys into the Atlantica’s universe. 

Inspired by the Indiana Jones facsimilesthis artwork will contain maps, encounters, drawings, objects, ideas in context – pieces of a puzzle that we connected to new meaning with our five-year project.

Collaborators: to be defined